It will be enough for us if you have an idea of what kind of website you want. You can also find inspiration in our references. We can provide text or photos for your website if you don’t have your own.

It always depends on your wishes and requirements, i.e. on the difficulty of creating a website. However, at the meeting we will also discuss the ideal time horizon for you, which we always try to match with our workload.

Of course, web hosting is just another element we offer, as well as photography, copywriting or social media management. However, during the consultation, we can discuss all alternatives and the benefits arising from them. We tailor everything we do.

If you have already purchased a domain elsewhere, we can perform all other necessary actions with the given provider, including creating the website, or you can use our comprehensive services – transferring the domain to us and registering web hosting with us.

Every website we create includes basic SEO, i.e. keywords that will help you get better search results.

It depends on your requirements. We will discuss the price together and you can also set your price ceiling, in which we will analyze for you what can be created for it.


With us, you can rely on high speed, simple annual invoicing, comprehensive care for your services and trouble-free communication.

We offer you one of the fastest shared WordPress hosting with over 99.9% uptime.

We offer comprehensive services including domain registration.

Invoicing takes place once a year, always at the beginning of the year. It includes all activated services for a given calendar year.