Terms and Conditions


valid from 5 September 2021, operator Ondřej Scotti, Hany Kvapilové 1378/13, 746 01 Opava, ID: 05562422.

Article I. Services Provided

All provided services, technical specifications and all company contacts are processed in detail on SCOTTI Media . Prices for all items are shown without VAT.

For specific orders, above-standard conditions and services can be individually assessed and set. Negotiations on exceptions, their amount and nature are determined by the operator of SCOTTI Media – Ondřej Scotti.

Article II. Data Protection, Retention and Recovery

We handle all provided client data in the most professional manner and with full awareness of the often catastrophic consequences of their loss or misuse.

It goes without saying that all employees of the operator SCOTTI Media are bound by confidentiality , excluding the leakage of information to any third parties. All data and facts obtained will be used exclusively in connection with the provision of services to the client and only within the framework of the operator SCOTTI Media.

In case of any accident, the data is also backed up outside the main server room. Thanks to this procedure, they can be restored at least one week back by individual days. This service may incur a charge for repeated renewals.

Article III. Payment Terms

Invoicing for the creation of websites in the form of an invoice usually takes place only after they are completed and launched on the domain chosen by the client, or when the operator considers the website to be complete.

The operator reserves the right to require the client to pay a deposit for the creation of the website before the start of all work. A deposit can be requested up to 100% of the agreed price according to the order.

Invoicing takes place electronically in PDF format always at the beginning of the calendar year, for the current calendar year. All client services for the current year will be billed on a single invoice. The invoice will be delivered to the customer’s communication e-mail. It is therefore necessary to inform us when changing the communication e-mail/mobile phone. Paper invoicing by ground mail is possible for an additional charge of CZK 150. For clients who started using our services only during the year, we only charge a proportional part of the services for the given period. When sending payments from abroad, it must be entered in the mode of fees on the sender’s side.

Invoices are due within ten calendar days. If payment is not made by this deadline, the client will be notified by email. If payment is not made again within seven calendar days of sending the e-mail, access to the hosting will be blocked (FTP, e-mails, MySQL turned off) and at the same time a notice of non-payment will be issued instead of the given website.

Re-renewal of services is then possible only after payment of all financial claims and is additionally charged in the amount of CZK 500. The client must contact SCOTTI Media with the possible procedure after paying all claims after the services have been blocked.

In case of repeated problems with payment morale, the services will be shut down even without prior reminder.

Article IV. Termination of hosting

Hosting services are automatically renewed for another year. The request for cancellation of hosting must be submitted in writing (an e-mail is sufficient). This must be done before the start of the next billing period. It is not possible to request a refund of the proportional amount from a new invoicing period that has already begun and has not been terminated in advance in writing.

Article V. Others

Web systems that overload the hosting server or otherwise abuse hosting (e.g. spamming) may be disabled until the problem is resolved.

Refunds for hosting services are only possible in case of non-compliance with the agreed technical specification or on the basis of a mutual agreement.

Websites of clients who have not paid for services and do not respond to any communication attempts (e-mail/mobile/sms) for more than 30 days can be canceled without compensation. Invoices remain valid and will be forwarded for collection.

The validity of these business and payment conditions is established for an indefinite period, starting from the date of their publication on the SCOTTI Media website.

By ordering and subsequently paying for the offered services, the client agrees to their wording.